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Pet Friendly Caravan Parks Batemans Bay NSW [Dog Friendly]

You're off on holidays and wanting to take your fur baby along to enjoy your time away as they are a huge part of your family. So...of course you're looking for pet friendly caravan parks Batemans Bay NSW where you are spending your family holiday.

Many of us want to be able to get away but not driving all day to reach your destination...especially when travelling with kids or pets.

Batemans Bay is an easy drive from Sydney and takes approximately 4 hours (280km) or from Canberra 2hrs (148 km)

Less Stressful - Less Expensive - Less Travel and Fuel Usage

How to Travel Safely Long Distance With Your Pet

  1. Ensure you've packed everything on your dog travel packing list (toys)

  2. Get your pet used to shorter road trips first

  3. Use sunshades for your windows

  4. Tire your dog out ahead of your journey

  5. Don't leave your dog unattended in the car

  6. Ensure microchip & contact details are up to date in case they wander off

  7. Use restraints and carriers. Dogs should be restrained using a dog seat belt or safety harness, preferably in back seat of car to avoid any potential injury

Strategies for Dealing With Motion Sickness (Yes... they can suffer too)

  • Don't feed for approximately 4-6 hours before travel

  • Have short breaks to allow pets (and owners) to stretch their legs

  • Ensure there is fresh air (an open window or air vent)

  • Be mindful of loud music – what’s loud to them is not necessarily loud to us

Batemans Bay Holiday Park have a variety of pet friendly accommodation South Coast NSW options available for your getaway. Please ring office to confirm availability (02) 4472 4972

Are Holidays Good For Your Health? Research has discovered... Holidays Helps Reduce Stress. Batemans Bay Holiday Park is the perfect holiday or weekend getaway to relax and enjoy time away. Book Today (02) 4472 4972


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